Emergency Assistance

"EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE" is a service product of the MIG Company which unites a combination of concierge services and security services. 24/7. No limits on the number of use.
Bilingual (Russian and English).

Servicing Program

"EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE" is your helpmate for all life occasions. We will help each Client to find a way out of a challenging situation. Talking with expert of the MIG Company with extensive experience and special background, the Client receives support and gains confidence that his problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

During the dialogue a MIG Company’s expert will analyze the situation and help you come up with the best solution. Depending on the circumstances it could be reference and information support, legal advice, assistance in road traffic accidents, assistance by mobile security groups.

Key Characteristics
  • Professionality
  • Operational efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Unlimited access
  • No language barrier
  • Wide range of algorithms for resolving various problems based on many years’ experience ensures experts to find the best solution facing each new situation as similar to one of the previously successfully resolved.
  • Having received a request from the Client, the experts immediately begin to process it.
  • Modern telecommunication technologies coupled with experience in settlement of various situations can optimize Client’s servicing in any place.
  • No limits on the number and nature of appeals. Absence of the "false call" term.
  • Client can communicate with an expert in Russian and English language.
How Does It Work?

Faced troubles?


MIG Company’s specialists will immediately proceed to request processing

Come up with the best solution, provide the necessary assistance

Now the Client has one less thing to worry about!

Service Packages
per month
per month
per month
up to 1 month
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Clients’ Stories
Elevator Is Not Running

I remember once I leave the house for work, came up to the elevator hall but zero cabin was working. None from the three elevators! 21st floor. To be honest, I don’t want to step it downstairs. I started to think and remembered that elevator operator is usually called by pressing the button in elevator cab but this option is not available as the elevator does not open. Like all common people I do not know the number of Local Housing Maintenance Office’s dispatcher. Here I remembered about MIG "EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE" card.

Got Into a Car Accident

It was in the early 2000s. At that time I bought my first brand new foreign car ever. Japanese. Under bank credit. Of course, with insurance. And then the holiday of "car body repair serviceman" came (when in Moscow winter suddenly came and the temperature falls below 0 degrees). I loaded winter tires, drove to the tire service. It was pretty close. About kilometer and a half. And just before reaching 500 meters I felt braking slip and ran into the car in front. Shock! My new car! Credit car! What to do?

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