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About the Program

You can download PDF-presentation to learn more about EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Interregional Program represents the network of centers responsible for providing round-the-clock assistance to the clients when they meet difficulties, namely: practical assistance, informational support and consulting.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Interregional Program is focused not only on dealing with security issues, but creating a background for comfortable lifestyle avoiding unnecessary daily troubles and weight of cares.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Interregional Program incorporates four main blocks of services:

Various kinds of practical assistance, including mobile rapid reaction groups involved.

Lawyer's initial consultations on issues regarding legal and legal procedure law. Lawyer's assistance in case when a client is detained by representatives of law-enforcement agencies, including arrival on the spot, if required.

Assistance in searching for information, on Client's demand, regarding addresses and contact phones of various commercial enterprises, state and municipal bodies of various types of occupation, their working schedules, and other information including current legislation.

Assistance in consulting Clients when getting into difficulties including relationship with representatives of law-enforcement bodies, community services, emergency rescue services, enterprises and persons.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Interregional Program – your comfort based on your security. Welcome to the world of comfortable and secure life!

The Quality of Services provided by EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Interregional Program is certified by the ROSTEST - Golden Certificate.
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