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How to use program? How does it work?

Usage of program is very simple:

All that Subscriber needs - just make a phone call, name himself and tell about the problem.

There is a personal plastic card, which has a unique code that assigned to specific person, so we can quickly authorize the Client, saving precious minutes.

Do not be afraid to say something wrong, because at the other end of the line first of all sitting very attentive person and a friend, who is willing to help You. After situation assessment duty officer will immediately start to work with individual attention to your problem.

Depending on the situation, the duty officer decides to involve “MIG” Company duty units in problem solution: such as rapid reaction group, duty lawyer, informational assistance and many other.

When assistance is needed immediately – it provides in real time mode, then a few more officers start to help in the solution of problem.

As a result you get only necessary and complete assistance in accordance with the request.
MIG Company. Emergency assistance, arrangement of any conflicts: problems while driving - traffic
accidents in Moscow and RF Regions, legal and practical assistance in conflicts with private and legal
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