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Frequently asked questions

  • In case, if I (already subscriber) sometimes have to leave my city for another one, covered by the Program too, and I need some services which are not included in my tariff plan, but they might be useful for me. How to handle this situation?

    You should contact your manager, who will help you to choose the appropriate tariff plan and prepare a new subscriber’s card for you.

  • What about the quality of communications used for Emergency Assistance Program? Can I be sure that required assistance will be offered timely and without failure?

    All our operators on duty are equipped with the modern communication means, what enables to hold all subscribers’ calls fixed, quickly solve emerging problems and render emergency assistance as fast as possible.

  • Can I call EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE operators round-the-clock?

    Yes, our operators on duty work in 24-hour mode.

  • Does the EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Program have any certificates?

    Of course, the Program is certified in ROSTEST-QUALITY System.

  • Is there any limit while calling the EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE?

    No, there is no limit for our subscribers when applying for assistance or help. Moreover we always repeat: “Call us any time and by any reason, even you feel good!”

  • Who are the members of Rapid Reaction Groups? Do they have any weapon?

    The mobile rapid reaction crews consist of well-qualified and licensed officers, having passed special training and legally authorized to carry service weapon.

  • Do the EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE operators speak English?

    Yes, all operators on duty speak fluent English and pass professional and advance training twice a year.
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