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Tariff plan “GUEST”

Tariff plan «GUEST» provides services for the Company’s guests or employees being on the business trip.

The services under GUEST tariff plan are provided for a Client employee on which name the Card has been activated.

Activation/deactivation of the GUEST card for the Subscriber in question should be performed by the representative officer of the CUSTOMER upon application to the CONTRACTOR by phone or by e-mail concerning enlisting/removing a Subscriber from Emergency Assistance program (activation/deactivation of the GUEST Card) but no later than 24 hours before a possible need for receiving services of the CONTRACTOR.

Meanwhile, under the GUEST card in the city of its coverage the Subscriber receives:
  • servicing starts no later than 24 hours after Card activation and carried out on the territory of the city;
  • the information support provides with the information about the city facilities;
  • Rapid Reaction Groups (RRG) arrival by the call of the Client performed within 20 km from the administrative boarder of the city.
from 4000 RUR
(€ 55, $ 61)

+7 (495) 981-00-57
to make order

Practical assistance

  • arrival of Rapid Reaction Group to given location in case of danger to Subscriber’s life and health
  • arrival of Rapid Reaction Group to given location in case of danger to Subscriber’s property
  • arrival of Rapid Reaction Group to the place of a road accident in case a Subscriber is present at the place of the accident
  • calling traffic police to a place of accident
  • information about presence of a Subscriber's car at penalty parking lots
  • ordering technical assistance
  • ordering evacuators
  • ordering taxi cars and lorries
  • ordering «sober driver» service
  • information about availability of medicines in drug stores
  • addressing in the name of a client to emergency services (fire-fighting service, police, emergency medical aid, gas supply service, rescue service)
  • calling employees of municipal, consumer and emergency services, municipal repair services
  • information about addresses, telephone numbers, internet sites, schedules of work of organizations providing services vitally important in cities and providing social protection:
    • District authorities, city administrations, representation offices of administrations of regions of the Russian Federation, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, and so on.
    • Agencies of the Ministry of the Interior
    • State inspection on traffic safety
    • Sanitary-epidemiological services
    • Military commandant’s offices and commissariats
    • Police departments and passport boards
  • information about addresses, telephone numbers, internet sites, schedules of work of state, non-state, commercial and non-commercial organizations
  • information about addresses, telephone numbers, internet sites, schedules of work of organizations on the basis of goods and services’ categories
  • information about exhibitions, expositions, museums, repertoire of theatres, cinemas, spots events for coming month
  • information about addresses, telephone numbers, internet sites, schedules of work, menus and programs of public catering
  • information about passenger railway and air carriers:
    • schedules of transport movement from railway stations and airports
    • delays in arrival/departure
    • availability and cost of tickets, availability of seats
    • transport and routes leading to railway stations
  • information about addresses of bus stations, schedules and routes of buses
  • information about telephone numbers, schedules of work, addresses, location and functioning of banks and it branches, cash machines, other financial, credit and mortgage organizations, currency exchange offices

Consultative assistance

  • rules of behavior in potentially dangerous situations which may endanger client’s life, health and consulting on issues of personal security
  • order of actions in case of animals’ and insects’ (and other) bites
  • order of actions while looking for missing things, restoring missing (stolen) documents
  • order of blocking SIM-cards of stolen (missing) telephone sets, stolen (missing) credit, bank cards
also on legal issues:
  • order of addressing self-governing and law enforcing agencies
  • order of behavior and relations with representatives of law enforcing agencies
  • order of addressing and relations with municipal and consumer services:
    • Unitary customer directorate (DEZ)
    • Industrial-technical service
    • District operational area (REU)
    • United accounting-informational center
    • Inspection on supervision over reconstruction of residential premises
    • City heating
    • City elevators
    • Energy supply
    • Sewer network
    • Water supply network
    • City gas
    • City radio network
    • City telephone knot
    • Bureau of technical inventorying

Informational assistance

Information about “first need” telephone numbers:
  • urgent stomatological assistance
  • urgent oculist service
  • urgent psychological assistance
  • urgent narcological assistance
  • emergency gas service
  • rescue service
  • bureau of accidents
  • fire-fighting service
  • territorial department of the Ministry of the Interior
  • urgent medical assistance
  • bureaus of accidents
  • traumatological assistance points
  • urgent veterinary assistance
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